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Our mission is to create awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), and to make AED’s available to individuals who can provide life-saving services.

At this time only 8% of people who suffer a cardiac arrest survive – leaving 300,000 dead each year.

Our goal is to change the paradigm of unnecessary deaths from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by educating and empowering bystanders to act during an emergency.

Bystander CPR can double or triple survival from cardiac arrest. Currently, only about 30 percent of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest receives any type of CPR. Most untrained bystanders hesitate to help a cardiac arrest victim; however, research has shown that when bystanders have CPR training, they are much more likely to take action.

Bystanders who phone 911 and begin CPR provide the first essential links in a strong, interdependent “chain of survival”. With activation of 911, early bystander CPR, rapid defibrillation, effective advanced life support, and integrated post-resuscitation care, survival rates following sudden cardiac arrest can exceed 50 percent. That’s dramatically higher than the 5 percent to 8 percent average survival rate in the U.S. However, nothing is going to happen unless a bystander recognizes the arrest, phones 911, and begins CPR to start that chain of survival. Research has shown that any attempt at CPR can improve the odds of survival for someone who has a sudden cardiac arrest.

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